Uniservice design Prato - Production of printed fabrics,plain,creative accessories,polyester print,cottone print,viscose print




A production capacity that looks towards the future.
Latest generation machines, innovative technologies, highly professionally experienced and creative.

With three manufacturing plants each dedicated to a specific product area, Uniservice represents the degree of excellence in the textile market, having machines and latest technology capable of advancing the quality and efficiency of the products.

Uniservice promotes an internal business model of integration and interaction of diversity, so that there is a real culture of the meeting and the formation of a cross-cultural thinking that values ​​diversity as a source of mutual enrichment.

The goal is to build a space that can generate an intercultural work environment where there is a focus on the spiritual and emotional well-being of every member of our team.


Respect-love and high quality

Uniservice comes to perceive the needs of the customer and follow him in the most exceptional stylistic needs, making him a very differentiated, in line with the trends and strategic business development of ideas and projects are unique in their market sector.

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